At orb, our purpose is to transform a sustainable way of thinking into unique solutions fit for every challenge.
Where ideas are nurtured into cutting-edge solutions. Our diverse portfolio ranges from industry standard security solutions to state-of-the-art technology, pushing boundaries at every corner.
At the heart of Orb Spark, we stand for uplifting patient care through harmonizing innovative solutions with outstanding performance.
An integrated energy business, specializing in renewable and recyclable energy, whilst delivering a wide range of energy products and solutions worldwide.
Orb’s trading division is built on an enterprising spirit, celebrated relationships and extensive regional knowledge, allowing the provision of our expertise and in-country relationships to every business in our portfolio.
Streamlining the path to an all-inclusive travel platform. Providing business and consumer solutions for established and pioneering travel firms.
Tailored and progressive Digital Corporate, Private Banking & Financial Services Incorporating Artificial intelligence.