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The application of intelligence, resources and logistical capabilities to meet stakeholder needs.

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We turn ideas into wonderful things.

The ORB Group exists to help meet the energy, healthcare & pharmaceutical, food & agricultural and IT & Networking needs of a rapidly changing world. We find, extract, trade, refine, store and transport materials and resources from where supply is abundant to where demand is great. We forge connections; we help make things happen and markets work.


We deliver outstanding solutions with research for the most updated equipment, products & innovations. In particular we engineer and provide services for extraction of fossil fuels industries (Gas and Oil), power generation industries (hydro, thermal and wind), and distribution of energy (water, electricity and gas) for the consumers.


ORB is a dynamic company specialising in the manufacture and distribution of unique and innovative products within the healthcare industry. Through strategic global partnerships we have become the exclusive distributors for Medical and Hospital needs.

IT & Networking

ORB provides IT and Network solutions and has a proven record in supplying efficient, effective and reliable IT Infrastructure, support and software to both businesses and private users.

Personal Care

ORB has developed activities in the field of cosmetics, skin care, sun protection, make-up and hair care, orb is active in nanotechnology based dermatology, toxicology, tissue engineering, and biopharmaceutical research fields.

Oil & Gas

We source, store and blend oil and petroleum products and transport them around the globe to meet specific customer needs. We do business by investing in innovation and entrepreneurial endeavour, powering economic progress and working in partnership for energy sustainability.


ORB is a fast growing supplier of parallel imported and generic pharmaceuticals. As an international company, our ambition is to supply high quality pharmaceuticals at low cost creating large savings for consumers and societies.

Agro & Food

We link producers and users of numerous grain, oilseeds and other agricultural commodities. orb achieves this through the use of origination, processing, marketing, and distribution capabilities and services.

Media Services

We develop and produce high quality, ambitious films for the international marketplace and broadcasting channels, alongside broadcasting services.

About orb

We have built a lean, responsive business.

Local managers have scope to develop solutions that benefit their customers. orb and its various joint-venture subsidiaries are active in numerous territories. Arm's length relationships preserve commercial independence and drive exceptional performance.

The breadth and reach of our global network gives us a profound understanding of the intricate interdependencies of the world’s markets. Our status as a private company and non-hierarchical partnership structure gives us a unique ability to act swiftly, innovatively and decisively.

Our Vision


orb continues to diversify into new commodities, markets and segments. We are also investing in strategic assets, such as oil terminals medicine factories, farms and acquisitions to complement our portfolio of activities across the globe.

Our Performance

We have the scale and global reach to profit from physical arbitrage in multiple markets. We source and deliver products that drive the global economy. We act as long-term partners to end-users, manage risk and improve market competitiveness.

Our Responsibility

Our business strategy promotes growth and expansion in a responsible and sustainable manner. We always seek to ensure that our activities make a positive contribution to the lives of those affected by our operations.

Our Corporate Offices

ORB GLOBAL LTD is the management only headquarter of our Group organised and exists under the laws of the United Kingdom with registration number, 8274220.
PANAOMICS LIMITED is organised and exists under the laws of United Kingdom with registration number, 11037556.
ORB HOLDINGS LIMITED, which is organised and exists under the laws of Hong Kong with registration number, 1999357, is only responsible for our investments.
ORB ENERJI is organised and existing under the laws of Istanbul, Turkey with Registration Number, 831384
BON FZC is organised and existing under the laws of the United Arab Emirates
TAIZHOU STAR TRADING CO. LTD. a company organised and existing under the laws of China.
UC Global (株式会社)
UC Global (株式会社) a company organised and existing under the laws of Japan.
ALLTRALINX GROUP INC. a company organised and existing under the laws of Canada.

Power & Energy Solutions
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To deliver outstanding solutions with research for the most updated equipment, products & innovations

orb energy Services is formed by a group of expertise for supplying and engineering service providing in the area of energy industry in general. In particular we provide services for extraction of fossil fuels industries (Gas and Oil), power generation industries (hydro, thermal and wind), and distribution of energy (water, electricity and gas) for the consumers.

Our staff is both qualified, academically and by hands on experience. They include former service company field management and operation staff from U.S., Europe and Asia, with links from outstanding and well known energy schools. Highly experienced specialist sub-contractors carry out most of our services.

Over the years we have earned an excellent reputation for high quality consultation, studying and partnership solutions. Our designing, developing and analysing services in the energy industry with exceptional customer service has built trust with our customers, who rely on our work ethic and products. They know that our work reliability and excellence is our bond.

Our Activities

Oil & Gas

orb offers a complete range of downhole, drilling, industrial, lifting & handling, supply chain, production, tubular, corrosion and well service tools.

Power and Electricity

Our services include Research/Study, Consultation, Diagnosis and Supply for systems and products required for energy storage, fuel cells, generator, power transmission & turbines.

Renewable Energy

Our services include Research/Study, Consultation, Diagnosis and Supply for systems and products required in biofuels, geothermal power, hydro power, wind power.


We Research/Study, design, engineer and offer complete range of equipment, machinery and tools regarding compressors, cranes & engines.

Our Mission

We are Building for the next generation!

orb's main commitment is to deliver outstanding customer service with research for the most updated equipment and products, developing new ideas all the time. Our work ethic and excellence will establish us in the international community as the most reliable and efficient partner in the energy sector.

We constantly strive to build and retain trust with our customers, while providing efficiency and reduction of costs. We are ready to compete by using our tools of research and link to sources, quality of products and excellence in delivery of service.

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We give societies more health care for their money

orb is a global force for the development, manufacture and distribution of innovative and highly effective medical systems and pharmaceutical drugs. We are an international company and our ambition is to supply high quality pharmaceuticals, medical and surgical equipment at low cost creating large savings and global access for societies and consumers.

Our Activities


orb™ provides a turn-key solution of proton therapy by combining an in-room diagnostic CT with advanced robotics to deliver adaptive therapy and pencil-beam-scanning to all tumour sites.

Our Microwave Thermal Therapy treatments increase the effective dose of ionizing radiation in solid tumours up to 3X without increasing toxicity of healthy tissues.

Our innovative mobile and high-tech imaging solutions support high quality diagnostic and surgical procedures.


A generic product contains the exact same active ingredients as the original product and therefore has the same effect for the consumer. When a patent on a pharmaceutical expires, generic manufacturers can market a generic version of the pharmaceutical at a much lower price. The difference is that the generic products on average are 75% cheaper than original products.

orb has agreements with several manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and through this cooperation we market and sell a variety of generic products on the global markets.


orb is also the distributor of the highest quality brand medications, controlled drugs, wholesale medical, pharmaceutical, surgical and pharmaceutical products and raw materials registered with health authorities in different countries.

By developing partnership with worlds biggest brands you can join the many clinics, hospitals, and healthcare professionals who rely on orb for all their pharmaceutical supplies. By growing our partnership with world leading pharmaceutical companies day by day we improve our services.

Our Products & Services

orb has range of product portfolio where in order to guarantee the quality standards of the manufacturing cycle and, consequently, the quality of its drugs, besides Quality Control and Quality Assurance, which are the functions traditionally involved, orb has involved in the quality process also the company structures that support production, such as Engineering and Planning, and obviously all the staff of the plants. Raw materials and packaging materials used in the manufacturing cycle of the drugs of orb purchased exclusively from qualified suppliers with a certified quality system in line with the stringent requirements imposed by the Group.

orb's clinics and hospitals use the most up-to-date technologies to provide the highest level of care in the treatment of patients.

IT & Networking

We are here for one reason:

To help customers build stable and secure networks themselves

We are focused on delivering the strategies, architectures and technologies that enable customers to deploy the best networks in the world

Our Activities

Network Solutions

orb Networks understands the business and IT issues that face enterprise organisations and their specific enterprise networking challenges affecting the campus, branch, and data centre. We provide enterprise network solutions to address these enterprise networking issues.

Our network infrastructure solution helps service providers foster service model innovation and lowers network operating costs.

Government relies on trusted networks for communication between departments, agencies, politicians, and citizens; we are radically changing the face of public services through innovation and operational cost reduction solutions to create The New Public Sector Network.

Hosting, IPTV & CDN

Today, there is a strong shift towards Over-The-Top (OTT) services, meaning live media delivery using public Internet infrastructure, rather than dedicated or managed networks. At the same time, there is demand for TV channels for ethnic groups beyond the usual area of content distribution.

Our IPTV solutions are streamlined and cost-effective, which allows for creating attractive business models by serving smaller local audiences with specific offers, as well as larger audiences distributed around the world.

orb provides Dedicated Cloud server solutions that fulfilling the end user requirements using our across the globe infrastructure.

Security Softwares & Solution

orb care deeply about customer service and efficiently manage tens of servers around the world and dynamic IP’s. We provide personal privacy and data security services to tens of thousands of people all over the world.

orb incorporates its own security software with high-end encryption levels and algorithms to secure the networks and web surfing experience and to provide the most intelligent security solutions.

By developing cross-platform security software we are proud to announce ourselves as one of leading end-user remote security and privacy protection solution provider who has always looking to challenge and update its platforms.


We create connected experiences, products and platforms.

If you want to break boundaries with your business, working with us is an excellent start.

The global demand for chemicals produced from natural gas, petroleum, coal or biomass is challenging operators to seek more efficient processing solutions. orb's best-in-class technologies meet these needs, delivering high-quality intermediate and specialty chemicals at a lower cost and reduced environmental impact.

With the high market demand for olefins products, such as ethylene and propylene, producers are pressured to maximize the value of their feedstocks and deliver on-time, high-quality products. orb's olefins technologies provide flexible solutions for low capital, high efficiency product recovery.

We take pride in our ability to take on difficult, complex projects and deliver effective solutions quickly and transparently. Because our partnership model is based on collective responsibility, we are careful to assess risk exposure on the ground, in local markets – where we can see the real relationship between cause and effect. We never base decisions solely ontheoretical modelling or mathematical abstractions.

commodity is the engine of our energy and agro business, – in many different physical forms – is the resource we trade the most. In fact, almost all of the orb Group’s commodity activities are driven by success – from exploration, to shipping, to storage. More than simply a thread linking every aspect of what we do, commodity is the conduit through which we design, engineer, receive and share orb's market information, maintain the balance and flow of our liquidity, and forge lasting, rewarding relationships with customers all over the world.

Refinery operators continue to confront many challenges — volatile feedstock prices, varying global fuel demand, a changing regulatory landscape and global competition. orb delivers leading edge, cost effective solutions for diverse refining needs in every market, every day.

Our Commodities

Crude oil is the world's most actively traded physical commodity, in fact 89 million barrels are produced every day. The lion’s share is sold through long-term contracts between state oil producers and refiners. Freely-traded crude oil is estimated at around a third of the physical market.

In the crude oil market, we use our global presence, market knowledge and logistical capabilities to balance supply and demand, optimise supply chains and service customers around the world.

We source from private companies, production companies, oil majors and national governments. We work with smaller producers that seek marketing expertise to help distribute their crude oil production globally.

Global refineries produce around 8 million barrels of residual fuel oil every day as a by-product of the refining process. Around 4 million barrels of this is traded freely on the open market.

Fuel oil is cheap and plentiful. This workhorse fuel is the gasoline for the global economy. It has two major uses: power generation and the bunker fuel used aboard ships. We supply both sectors.

Over the last decade electricity-driven demand has declined overall, but there continue to be regions where demand for this use remains buoyant. Pakistan is one of the world's largest consumers for generating purposes. Japan and China both use significant quantities of imported fuel oil to generate power.

Today, the bulk of world demand, up to 80%, is for bunkers. We serve the main fuel centres in Singapore, Dubai and Rotterdam. We also supply bunker fuel on trade routes to the emerging markets of Africa and South America.

Because fuel oil generally trades at a discount to crude, refiners want to reduce the amount they produce in favour of refined products.

New refineries and upgrades to existing refineries are producing less fuel oil. Over time, these trends will constrain supply.

Motor gasoline is the most widely consumed refined petroleum product, accounting for 44% of the yield of the average crude oil barrel. As a significant component of crude oil, gasoline prices track crude oil prices.

But these markets have very different characteristics. While crude oil is priced in a global market, gasoline markets are much more regionally differentiated.

Gasoline is a non-standard product. Local regulators want specific formulations. Refineries adapt their formulations in line with seasonal variations. Taxation policy also influences pricing.

We trade over 430,000 barrels globally every day. We are constantly monitoring markets to identify physical arbitrage opportunities. We buy from refiners and deploy our blending, storage and logistics capabilities globally to benefit from price differentials.

We have built up long-term commercial relationships in this mainly transaction-led market. Our customers include oil majors, national oil companies and independent wholesalers and retailers. We work closely with refineries in Latin America, Europe, the former Soviet Union and other territories. We supply wholesale and retail providers in the US, Asia and Africa.

Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) combines butane and propane. This inexpensive, clean fuel produces 75% less carbon monoxide and 85% less hydrocarbons than gasoline.

A by-product of petroleum refining and gas processing, LPG is useful in a wide range of domestic and commercial settings. It serves the fast-growing auto gas market. It is in demand as a petrochemical feedstock. In non-industrialised economies it is a popular heating fuel and used for off-grid refrigeration. Generators use LPG in combined heat and power (CHP) plants to make low emission electricity.

LPG currently meets around 3% of global energy needs. Much of that is sourced domestically, but there is also a growing export market. International trade in LPG is expected to grow exponentially over the longer term, as more is extracted from the huge shale gas deposits in the US and elsewhere.

We participate in the 60 million tonne seaborne market. Our traders link major production areas in the Middle East, North and West Africa, the North Sea and the US Gulf with demand from Asia, Northwest Europe, the Mediterranean and South and Central America.

LNG will continue to be the fastest growing sector of the international energy business for many years. orb continues to supply customers both on long term and spot basis as their requirements change. Our ability to integrate with the group’s natural gas business, to optimise shipping and manage cross commodity physical pricing provides a wealth of opportunities to meet our customers’ needs.

The business is now balanced between term sales and spot transactions. With a growing portfolio we are committing to more longer term agreements. Operating many such agreements enables orb to offer more flexibility and optimise the flow of LNG inside the portfolio and externally. We continue to apply our core energy commodity skills to bring opportunities and new physical risk management solutions to the sector.

As the number of new entrants continues to grow our customer base is growing to all the traded regions of the world. We have developed existing relationships and quickly established new supply partnerships in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas. Through our network of regional offices and locally in country we are able to work with our customers on their short and longer term requirements.

orb’s independence is important to our LNG customers. Unlike many of the largest operators, we are impartial and uncompromised, with no joint ventures or upstream/downstream obligations. Our business is based on the market fundamentals, and our customers gain by our ability to respond with speed and flexibility.

Bolstered by legislation aimed at removing sulphur, Europe is the largest market for automotive diesel. Nearly half of all diesel cars are bought in the continent. Fifty-five percent of European cars run on diesel, compared with just 5% of US cars use diesel.

European diesel demand far outstrips its local refining capacity. This shortfall has had far-reaching implications for refining economics worldwide. When refiners identified this demand for mid-distillate production they invested in additional capacity.

This came on-stream just as economic growth stalled. Oversupply, mounting inventories, subdued demand and new refining capacity combined to create weaker pricing conditions for diesel markets.

There are now signs of recovery. Europe has lost a significant portion of its refining capacity. Inventories are declining. The growing demand for gas oil in emerging economies, especially in the power sector, is diverting international supply away from European markets.

Jet fuel prices too are strengthening again after several years in the doldrums. Civil passenger numbers - a key determinant of airline demand - recently returned to pre-recession levels. Airbus and Boeing are predicting 5% annual growth in passenger numbers until 2030.

Both markets remain susceptible to environmental regulation. Increased fuel efficiency will dampen demand. Biofuels will factor increasingly in both diesel and jet fuel blends.

Our middle distillates commodity teams cover jet fuel, diesel and gas oil.

Regulators worldwide are focusing on reducing sulphur content to improve quality and minimise pollution. As growing environmental awareness changes fuel specifications, low-sulphur fuel is becoming the norm for automotive applications.

Since 2007, only low-sulphur (ULSD) diesels have been available in Europe and the US. However, in Africa, South America, across Asia, in Australia and the Far East, the higher sulphur gas oil remains popular for power generation and heavy-duty engines. We trade in both sectors.

We also trade paper to manage our physical positions. We use OTC derivatives, futures and options to hedge contingent and actual exposure so that we can deliver physical commodities to our customers at a competitive, stable price.

We source, trade and move naphtha feedstock and clean condensate for petrochemical customers, refineries and large industrial concerns, leveraging the logistics advantages available to us through the scale and flexibility of our global shipping, strategic storage and arbitrage operations. We strive to be the leader in both supply and delivery contracts to ensure the best value for our customers.

We operate and trade with every producing country in the world. We lift from Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, the Russian Federation, South America and North and West Africa to name a few. We facilitate the requirements of refiners, state-owned oil companies and marketers in North America, Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Africa and the Far East – and are working hard to meet the growing needs of refineries and ethylene plants in China and India.

We have a truly global presence and principal offices around the globe. Consequently, we are able to optimise our arbitrage activity through 24 hour coverage of world markets.

We bring all our core oil commodity values, skills and services to the naphtha market. clients rely on us for our physical expertise, our professional operations staff as well as our absolute commitment to deliver products that are on specification and on time. Our ability to always deliver is a reflection of our commitment to building long term relationships, the flexibility afforded by our shipping and storage resources, our financial security and our complete range of physical risk management skills and tools.

We have the skills and track record to respond to opportunities swiftly, reliably and, whenever necessary, innovatively.

Biodiesel is a CO2 neutral alternative to fossil fuels that delivers cleaner combustion in standard diesel engines. For automotive applications it is mostly blended with petroleum-based diesel. In some cities buses and public sector vehicles run on pure biodiesel.

Growing environmental awareness and an increased focus on energy security have helped to create a 23 million tonne global market in the last two decades. Europe accounts for over half of global production and sales.

As an agricultural commodity consumed in the energy space, the biodiesel market has unusual price dynamics. It's also subject to political influences that can change the underlying economics.

In pure commercial terms, it is relatively expensive to produce. Feedstocks make up around 80% of production costs. Their availability, quality, and yield are critical factors for pricing.

orb is one of the very few truly global traders. We are committed to promoting the trade in biodiesel as a sustainable alternative to fossil fuel-based diesel.

We trade and track interactions between agricultural commodities, the energy markets, political systems and regulatory regimes across the world.

The U.S. continues to implement the Renewable Fuels Standard with dramatic effect. The renewable fuel market has reached more than 1 million bbls per day, a wholly unprecedented volume, under the direction of a programme that calls for a volume of 2.3 million bbls per day by 2022. This programme now mandates a renewable content of 9.63% in all road transportation fuel, up from 9.23% in 2012.

2012 also saw the U.S. market shift from a net exporter in 2011 to a large net importer, importing around 40,000 bbls per day of ethanol, mainly originating from Brazil, with peak imports reaching over 80,000 bbls per day.

While the United States is the largest single renewable fuel market in the world, orb continues to expand its presence in this growing and increasingly important fuel market globally, with renewable fuel blending capability in Europe, the Middle east, Africa and Far East market.

orb continues to actively participate in the growing world market for ethanol. In the U.S., now the world’s largest ethanol market, having surpassed long time leader, Brazil, orb maintains an important presence in the ethanol market.

Methanol is a highly versatile commodity and one for which demand is growing rapidly. Methanol bi-products find use in both energy and petrochemical applications. In the energy sector the market for methanol is expanding rapidly as methanol is used in transportation fuels such as MTBE, bio-diesel and gasoline blending. With bio-fuel mandates increasing yearly, methanol demand for this application will continue to grow. Through DME (dimethyl ether) methanol can be used as an LPG substitute, particularly in bottled gas markets. In the traditional petrochemical sector methanol bi-products are used in everything from adhesives to paints and polyester.

orb is a truly global trader and marketer of methanol and has the logistics reach, strategic storage capacity, arbitrage expertise and flexibility to both break-bulk and serve the diverse needs of end users.

orb has methanol teams and key partnership in international commodity which supports its growing methanol business via its offtake. We also have long term supply and offtake relationships with producers and consumers in the US, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

We focus on building long term relationships based on our ability to provide security of supply from multiple supply sources. Large commodity flows – combined with comprehensive storage in key locations and our status as one of the world’s largest charterers of shipping – mean we can meet practically any demand, anywhere, any time.

We also have the physical risk management tools and financial stability to put in place pre-financing arrangements and manage physical risk regardless of market conditions.

We operate on an integrated global basis to source, process, transport and distribute grain and oilseeds around the world. The main bulk products we handle are wheat, corn, oilseeds, barley and sorghum, as well as vegetable oils and meals. We have developed significant expertise in handling identity preserved and differentiated products that sustain their distinctiveness in overseas markets.

Because we charter more than 150 million metric tons of dry bulk tonnage, we have the logistical flexibility and opportunity to leverage efficiencies in the supply chain. We also work closely with orb's finance and risk management businesses to offer a range of financial and hedging products to the products and services offered.

orb is nutrition supplier for animals across several countries, with an innovative portfolio to nourish animals around the world. We are creating the ability to offer the broadest array of animal nutrition products, services and capabilities.

Our products include a range compound feed (a mixture of grains, co-products, proteins, vitamins and minerals which is produced for all kinds of farm animals) and premix feed (a mixture of vitamins and micro elements needed to produce nutritionally balanced animal feed). With orb's global expertise in supply chain and risk management we are able to offer distinctive value to serve our customers’ needs worldwide.

Our offering is developed for our customers’ needs should they be distribution, efficient animal production or low-cost feed manufacturing. Through market leading brands, our on-trend products support the care, growth, and efficiency for various animal species including for the livestock, leisure and leisure segments.

orb's cotton business is one of the merchants in the world. Although cotton is grown in over 100 countries, there are only a handful of major exporting countries and orb's cotton business is active in several of these countries.

orb's UK cotton division’s key supply areas are Central Asia, West Africa, sub-Saharan Africa, Australia, the Indian sub-continent, Brazil and China.

Although orb's cotton procurement expertise is directed towards a few strategic areas, we ship cotton to all four corners of the globe. Because of the scope of our operations, our commodity and administration teams developing the most suitable customer solutions within the international arena.

orb is a participant in the world sugar market. Today we trade sugar in free market areas, adding value to trade flows from producers to consumers. We charter vessels ranging from 20,000 to 50,000 tonnes on both a voyage and time charter basis.

orb also trades in white and refined bagged sugar focusing on industrial users in growth markets.

orb works with producers in Brazil, Central America, Thailand, India and South Africa, and end-users in North Africa and the Middle East, Russia and other former Soviet Republics, the Subcontinent, South East Asia and the Far East; to source and place their physical requirements.

We invest time in building long term relationships with our customers, helping where necessary with financing solutions and working together to anticipate – and react to – changing market conditions.

Our bagged sugar business provides an integrated supply service to industrial users with white or refined sugar according to their unique quality specifications and needs.

Iron ore is used almost exclusively for steel production. Until recently the market was mostly contract-based, with fixed-price contracts led by the major producers. The move towards free market pricing has increased competition, but also introduced volatility for smaller concerns.

1.3 billion tonnes of iron ore annually is shipped internationally. The freely traded seaborne market makes up around 20% of that.

Historically, most iron ore sales took place in Europe and the US. Today, the customer base has moved eastward.

Adding iron ore sale to our existing capabilities has allowed us to grow volumes rapidly.

The dynamics of coal sales are changing. Commoditised, liquid markets are supplanting the traditional, fixed-price regime.

As markets have liberalised we have stepped up our involvement. Most coal is traded domestically. The seaborne market accounts for around 15% of total production.

Historically, international trade stayed within the Atlantic and Pacific basins. Now, increased Asian consumption is globalising the market. We regularly ship US, Colombian and South African coal to India, China and the Far East.

We trade with every major exporting country. We're active in Indonesia, Australia, Russia, Colombia, South Africa and the US. In many of these regions there is an overlap with our iron ore business.

orb has established base metals teams in Hong Kong, Turkey and London. We trade Copper, Aluminium, Lead, Zinc, Nickel, Chrome and Tin across the physical and financial hubs of Asia, Europe and America. Our aim is to provide a vertically integrated platform that enables our partners to gain access to physical metal as well as market insights.

Our teams are dedicated to the sales of all base metals and is fully integrated within our varied activities across China and Asia.

Cement is made by grinding clinker to a fine powder, which produces traditional Portland cement. When mixed with sand, gravel or crushed stone and water, cement acts as the binding agent to make concrete. Cement production is both resource- and energy-intensive.

orb offers customers a wide range of cementitious materials as well as developing customised blends for special applications, such as Low-CO2 cements.orb focus on optimum customer service, which also includes innovative, product-specific services.

Marble is commonly used for sculpture and as a building material.

Construction marble is a stone which is composed of calcite, dolomite or serpentine which is capable of taking a polish. More generally in construction, specifically the dimension stone trade, the term "marble" is used for any crystalline calcitic rock useful as building stone.

Marble production is dominated by 4 countries that account for almost half of world production, Italy, China, India and Spain. orb has extensive network for sourcing and supplying this product.

Aromatics are types of hydrocarbons derived from petroleum, characterised by one or more six-carbon rings (benzene rings) molecular structure and 'sweet' or aromatic odour.

Benzene, toluene, and xylenes are the most common aromatics, and are extensively used in the chemical industry as chemical feedstocks, solvents, and as additives to gasoline to raise its octane rating.

We have ability to supply Benzene, Ortho-Xylene, Para Xylene, Mixed-Xylene, Toluene.

Polymers are substances containing a large number of smaller, identical molecules (called monomers) linked together. These substances often form into a chain-like structure. Polymers have extremely high molecular weights and the chains may differ from one another in their molecular weights.

Today, the polymer industry has grown to be larger than the aluminium, copper and steel industries combined.

Polymers already have a wide range of applications that far exceeds that of any other class of material available. Current applications extend from adhesives, coatings, foams, and packaging materials to textile and industrial fibres, composites, electronic devices, biomedical devices, optical devices, and precursors for many newly developed high-tech ceramics.

We have ability to supply the following groups of petrochemicals:

Polyethylene (PE)
High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE), Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE)
Polystyrene (PS)
High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS), General Purpose Polystyrene (GPPS), Expandable Polystyrene (EPS), Acrylonitryle Butadiene Styrene (ABS), Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR), Polycarbonate. Crystal Melamine, Epoxy Resins
HomoPolymers, Random Copolymers, Heterophasic Copolymers
Polyvinyl Chloride, Polyethylene Terephthalate (Bottle Grade PET), Polyethylene Terephthalate (Textile Grade PET)

Chemicals are substances formed by chemical union of two or more elements or ingredients in definite proportion by weight. They are produced by or used in a reaction involving changes in atoms or molecules.

There are two major types of chemicals; Inorganic Chemicals are compounds that do not contain hydrocarbon groups and Organic Chemicals are compounds containing hydrocarbon groups.

Chemicals are used to make a wide variety of consumer goods, as well as thousands inputs to agriculture, manufacturing, construction, and service industries.

We have ability to supply Methanol, Di Ehtylene Glycol (DEG), Mono Ethylene Glycol (MEG), Linear Alkyl Benzene (LAB), HAB, Crystal Melamine, Epoxy Resins, Acetic Acid, TDI, Soda Ash, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Hypochlorite, Perchlorine, Chlorine, Tri Ethylene Glycol (TEG), Sodium Carbonate Heavy, Sodium Carbonate Light, Caustic Soda, Nitrogen, Heptane, Nitric Acid, Hydrogen Chloride, MTBE, Ethyl Benzene, Vinyl Chloride Monomer, Hexane and Argone.

Fertilisers are a large number of organic and synthetic materials, spread on or worked into soil to increase its capacity to support plant growth.

Fertilisers are divided into two broad groups: organic and inorganic, or chemical. Organic fertilisers are derived from living plants or animal sources.Chemical fertilisers are usually manufactured and have the advantage of low cost. The commonly used synthetic fertilisers consist almost entirely of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus in forms that are readily utilised by plants.

Our products include, Granular Urea, Prilled Urea, Anhydrous Liquid Ammonia, Granular Sulphur, Crushed Lump Sulphur, Sulphuric Acid, Ammonium Sulphate, Ammonium Carbonate, Ammonium Nitrate, Ammonia Solution, Agricultural Ammonium Nitrate, Di Ammonium Phosphate and Hydrogen.

Liquefied gases and feedstocks are substances used especially as fuels or as raw materials supplied to processing plant for chemical synthesis.

Some hydrocarbons such as ethylene, 1, 3-butadiene, propane and butane are classified in this category.

We have ability to supply; Propane, Heavy End, Butan, Ehtylene, Pentane Plus (C5+), Raffinate (C6-Noon Aromatic), Dry Pyrolysis Gasoline (DPG), Gas Condensate, 1,3 Butadiene. C9-Aromatic, C.F.O, C4-Raffinate, Butane-1, C4 CUT, Heavy Alkylate, Propylene, Crude Fuel, Polypropylene - PI080.


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