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Visit to Uxbridge Business Park

Visit to Uxbridge Business Park

In addition to moving to the Shard. ORB has been working tirelessly in expanding the UK operation. Namely, in expanding its research capabilities. ORB has long been known as a technology conglomerate that has strived towards developing technologies to help society. Its technological development however was heavily based in IT and therefore did not require a physical research facility. After discussing at length with the shareholders and the executive team we have decided to put an end to this. We as a British company are sitting on a talent gold mine. The UK is home to world leading elite universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, Imperial College and many more that provides us with a torrential supply of highly skilled researchers and it will be a shame to let it go to waste. We, ORB have therefore started looking for a location to use as a research facility. One of the locations we have recently visited for this very purpose was the Uxbridge Business Park, home to a 77,500 SQ feet building with almost 200 car parks. ORB’s executive team was rather impresses by the building and what they saw. Although the search for the ideal location continues. ORB was impressed by the site especially by its proximity to Heathrow and although the search continues as we owe nothing but the best for our cause but Uxbridge Business Park is currently the leading candidate for our research base.

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