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Visit to Harlow Enterprise Zone

Visit to Harlow Enterprise Zone

Following the launch of ORB Incubator, ORB has been looking high and low for an ideal location for their facility. One of which that has attracted the interest of ORB’s executive team is Harlow Enterprise Zone. This location, in particular, was of interest due to the large degree of freedom. The enterprise zone is a blank canvas with very little architectural limitation and for that reason, it has been very high on the list of potential interests. ORB’s executive team was cordially invited by the representative of Harlow council and Wrenbridge, the property company in charge of its development. Amongst other things, ORB has discussed their plans for the facility and potential for future expansion as well as the positive influences of ORB’s facility to the local area. Of course, ORB is fortunately spoilt with choice as they have in the past visited the Uxbridge Business Park as another potential location. Although details will be finalised in the weeks to come ORB team is excited by what the future has in store for ORB and will be releasing more details soon after.

For more information please refer to, Harlow Enterprise Zone.

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