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Greater Access to Greater Healthcare

ORB is global force for the development, manufacture and distribution of innovative and highly effective medical systems and pharmaceutical drugs. We are an international company and our ambition is to supply high quality pharmaceuticals, medical and surgical equipment at low cost creating large savings and global access for societies and consumers.


MAH holder of Oncology related medicines with XR-17 technology (Doxophos, Docecal and Paclical)

USA Based USB Portable Ultrasound solutions

Italian Based manufacturing of Aesthetic devices

Israel/USA based advance proton therapy system

Middle-eastern based Hygiene solutions

USA Based Microwave Radiotherapy systems

Generic manufacturer of Oncology pharmaceuticals in collaboration with Patheon

R&D of Drug Discovery and Delivery systems including branded medicines

MitoQ functionalised nanodaimond Skincare at Lentate sul Seveso, Italy lab

National distribution of pharmaceuticals

Advance Cancer Hospital (Investment Phase)


ORB is a dynamic company specialising in the manufacture and distribution of unique and innovative products within the healthcare industry. Through strategic global partnerships we have become the exclusive distributors for Medical and Hospital needs. ORB is a fast growing supplier of parallel imported and generic pharmaceuticals alongside developer of drug delivery delivery systems and research for Alzheimer Cure. As an international company, our ambition is to supply high quality pharmaceuticals and treatments enabling greater access to healthcare for consumers and societies.

We give societies more healthcare for their money

ORB has range of product portfolio where in order to guarantee the quality standards of the manufacturing cycle and consequently, the quality of its drugs, besides Quality Control and Quality Assurance, which are the functions traditionally involved, ORBTM has involved in the quality process also the company structures that support

production, such as Engineering and Planning, and obviously all the staff of the plants. Raw materials and packaging materials used in the manufacturing cycle of the drugs of orb purchased exclusively from qualified suppliers with a certified quality system in line with the stringent requirements imposed by the group.



ORB provides a turn-key solution of proton therapy by combining an in-room diagnostic CT with advanced robotics to deliver adaptive therapy and pencil-beam- scanning to all tumour sites.


Our Microwave Thermal Therapy treatments increase the effective dose of ionizing radiation in solid tumours up to 3X without increasing toxicity of healthy tissues.


Our innovative mobile and high-tech imaging solutions support high quality diagnostic and surgical procedures.


Our UDDS is a drug enhancement system that provides a platform for the drug to have functionalities added. Much like a smartphone to smartphone apps. It additionally is capable of lasting as long as 30+ days.


ORB is the developer and manufacturer of seven revolutionary technologies. We offer a full line of clinically- proven, safe and effective, non-invasive anti-aging facial and body contouring treatment platforms for a wide range of
aesthetic applications.



A generic product contains the exact same active ingredients as the original product and therefore has the same effect for the consumer. When a patent on a pharmaceutical expires, generic manufacturers can market a generic version of the pharmaceutical at a much lower price. The difference is that the generic products on average are 75% cheaper than original products.


ORB has agreements with several manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and through this cooperation we market and sell a variety of generic products on the global markets.



ORB is also the distributor of the highest quality brand medications, controlled drugs, wholesale medical, pharmaceutical, surgical and pharmaceutical products and raw materials registered with health authorities in different countries.


By developing partnership with worlds biggest brands you can join the many clinics, hospitals, and healthcare professionals who rely on ORBTM for all their pharmaceutical supplies. By growing our partnership with world leading pharmaceutical companies day by day we improve our services.

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