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Today, the executive members of ORB were cordially invited by HOK executives, the world leading architects that has built the Sir Francis Crick Institute, LG Science Park (that prides a staggering 8 million sq ft of real estate) and Barcelona football club’s stadium. Although the details of the discussion will be released in due time. ORB’s executive team was very impressed by HOK’s capabilities and will be sure to working closely with them. HOK has suggested some alternative sites to Harlow and Uxbridge that ORB has visited in the past. Although the final location of the facility is to be decided upon further discussion with HOK. ORB’s executive team found their suggested alternative sites to be of great interest and will soon look into the matter.

Following the launch of ORB Incubator, ORB has been looking high and low for an ideal location for their facility. One of which that has attracted the interest of ORB’s executive team is Harlow Enterprise Zone. This location, in particular, was of interest due to the large degree of freedom. The enterprise zone is a blank canvas with very little architectural limitation and for that reason, it has been very high on the list of potential interests. ORB’s executive team was cordially invited by the representative of Harlow council and Wrenbridge, the property company in charge of its development. Amongst other things, ORB has discussed their plans for the facility and potential for future expansion as well as the positive influences of ORB’s facility to the local area. Of course, ORB is fortunately spoilt with choice as they have in the past visited the Uxbridge Business Park as another potential location. Although details will be finalised in the weeks to come ORB team is excited by what the future has in store for ORB and will be releasing more details soon after.

For more information please refer to, Harlow Enterprise Zone.


Being a start-up company is difficult’. It is a common cry that you hear from many that have braved the uncertainty of leaving their jobs to explore the uncharted waters of innovation. It is true that many of those who establish a start-up company struggle. Rome wasn’t built in a day and naturally building a company from scratch requires bravery, determination and perseverance. The arrival of the digital revolution where knowledge could be disseminated at staggering speeds has somewhat lowered the bars for start-up companies. However, the 3 barriers of start-up companies: funding, facility and know-how remain to haunt them. At the core of this struggle lies one common denominator, experience. Start-up companies are too often left to fend for themselves with a capital idea but with no knowledge or experience in how to raise funds, build facilities and know-how to turn their idea into a reality. If we can take a moment to ponder how many life-changing inventions that could have saved countless lives have been left unexplored. Most of you will likely reach the same conclusion as we did, too many. We ORB have decided to take action. As many of you may know ORB’s company motto is ‘for humanity’. Our passion is in making the world a better place through technology and it is in our interest in supporting the ideas of others into fruition. For this reason, we have established ORB Incubator. A company that supports start-ups by providing them with the operational funds, state-of-the-art research facility and the scientific know-how. By doing so start-ups are able to focus on developing their ideas without having to worry about the problems faced by traditional start-ups. Another way of looking at this company is as a university where the researchers do not need to do funding, establish their own laboratory and build a network of experts in their field as those are all provided for them. We are hoping to incubate (support) up to 80 start-ups in the initial stages and at the time of writing ORB Incubator is currently in the funding stage to finance the facility.

For more information please refer to, ORB Incubator.

In addition to moving to the Shard. ORB has been working tirelessly in expanding the UK operation. Namely, in expanding its research capabilities. ORB has long been known as a technology conglomerate that has strived towards developing technologies to help society. Its technological development however was heavily based in IT and therefore did not require a physical research facility. After discussing at length with the shareholders and the executive team we have decided to put an end to this. We as a British company are sitting on a talent gold mine. The UK is home to world leading elite universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, Imperial College and many more that provides us with a torrential supply of highly skilled researchers and it will be a shame to let it go to waste. We, ORB have therefore started looking for a location to use as a research facility. One of the locations we have recently visited for this very purpose was the Uxbridge Business Park, home to a 77,500 SQ feet building with almost 200 car parks. ORB’s executive team was rather impresses by the building and what they saw. Although the search for the ideal location continues. ORB was impressed by the site especially by its proximity to Heathrow and although the search continues as we owe nothing but the best for our cause but Uxbridge Business Park is currently the leading candidate for our research base.

For more information please refer to, Uxbridge Business Park

ORB has a proud history in the medical sector. In 2013 ORB has released its first cancer treatment system, microwave radiotherapy system as well as produce its own brand of generic pharmaceutical drugs. Today, ORB is expanding its scope of interest by establishing a pharmaceutical research company, Panaomics. A company that was set up with its sole purpose being the development of novel next generation drugs and drug-related research. This is truly a landmark moment for ORB and its founding members. The entire company was built on the principles of helping those less fortunate and striving towards a disease-free world. The founders were previously tantalisingly restricted to only being part of the medical sector through trading of medical equipment and pharmaceutical drugs. However, with the establishment of Panaomics, ORB is now able to actively partake in pushing the boundaries of medical science, developing drugs that were previously unavailable. We ORB are tremendously proud and excited with the potential it holds and more news are short to follow.

For more information please refer to, Panaomics


Over the many years since it was first founded in 2007. ORB has enjoyed working together with partners from all corners of the world. Some examples include General Electric, Toyota, Pyrexar, SAFE and many more. We are very pleased to announce today that we have held a meeting at our headquarters in the Shard with another household name, Bosch to discuss our potential collaboration to work on our electrical vehicle project, ORBEV. Bosch is perhaps best known for its power tools and household appliances. However, their field of operations stretch far beyond what meets the eye. Bosch is also a leading automobile engineering firm that has a proud history in optimising and developing high end cars such as Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Ferari. Although the details are to be released at a later date pending further development of the project. Through this partnership with Bosch we hope to develop a greener, more powerful SUV than its petrol powered alternative.

For more information please refer to, Bosch Engineering.

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