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ORB Electric Vehicle

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ORB Electric Vehicle (ORBEV)
ORB EV (Electric Vehicle) is a proprietary battery and super-capacitor powered electric vehicle under development by ORB at Incubator. Currently, ORB EV is developing their first SUV that has on board the world most powerful car motor to date and 800 miles driving range. The company is developing its technology in aims to replace the less ecologically friendly petrol-powered SUV by providing a greener and higher-performing alternative. In addition to the motor, ORB EV is unique in that it will be powered by their own propriety PANi/Graphene super-capacitor banks and conventional battery working in tandem to provide a long-lasting and high output battery performance. ORB EV is also planning to integrate the Nuclear Diamond Cell (NDC) system, a nuclear waste recycled battery cell that is being developed by another start-up under ORB Incubator to further increase its green energy capabilities.
It is not just any average vehicle, but we aim to make a high-performance SUV that is incorporating AI and holo-touch systems. ORB SUV is intended to have driving range of 800 miles and the 1 to 4 mins for full charge will be possible by adopting the 400 kW @ 700 DC flash charge.
Concept EV Specifications
  • 800 miles driving range per charge

  • Dual motor AWD (Rated Power: 791 HP – 590KW)

  • Artificially Intelligent

  • Super Fast charge (less than 4 mins)

  • 8 MT of CO2 emission saving / vehicle

  • Open Market Apps (Access for developers to add their apps to the App Market which will use the vehicles features or variety of sensors)

Redacted for patent process by Marks & Clerk, further details to be disclosed upon patent approval
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