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ORB unveils its first pharma start-up, Panaomics

ORB unveils its first pharma start-up, Panaomics

ORB has a proud history in the medical sector. In 2013 ORB has released its first cancer treatment system, microwave radiotherapy system as well as produce its own brand of generic pharmaceutical drugs. Today, ORB is expanding its scope of interest by establishing a pharmaceutical research company, Panaomics. A company that was set up with its sole purpose being the development of novel next generation drugs and drug-related research. This is truly a landmark moment for ORB and its founding members. The entire company was built on the principles of helping those less fortunate and striving towards a disease-free world. The founders were previously tantalisingly restricted to only being part of the medical sector through trading of medical equipment and pharmaceutical drugs. However, with the establishment of Panaomics, ORB is now able to actively partake in pushing the boundaries of medical science, developing drugs that were previously unavailable. We ORB are tremendously proud and excited with the potential it holds and more news are short to follow.

For more information please refer to, Panaomics

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