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ORB, the origin story

ORB, the origin story

Ever since its foundation, ORB as a technology conglomerate has been united under a single vision, for humanity. We believe that technology should be used for bettering society and for us to give society the means to do so is our duty. We dream of a world where we could live: pollution-free, disease-free, starvation-free and poverty-free. We could not be prouder of having been blessed with every corner of our company being covered end to end with passionate and determined men and women, ready to make the world a better place. Little is known however that ORB was once a small company known as OrbVPN, a company that sells VPN to countries with restricted internet access.


As early as 2007 the founder of our company has identified that the key to bringing free speech and democracy is by having a transparent and free-flowing information. Unfortunately, in some countries, this is far from reality. In fact, free internet where we could have access to news unadulterated by the ruling body is in the minority even to this day. For this reason, he has created his own VPN service that allows civilians to access news without censorship. Over years this number has grown and expanded into an international company it is today.

Then came the thought, 'why stop here?'.

Then came the thought, ‘why stop here?’. The company has diversified into oil & gas, life sciences, energy & power and IT. Becoming a conglomerate in the process. It has taken many years of sweat, blood, tears and toil to get to where we are. However, in our eyes, it was worth it. We were able to help provide people with some degree of democracy, healthcare and prosperity. There is more to be done with mounting future ambitions and challenges, but we ORB are proud of what we have done so far and will sure to be at the forefront of working towards a better future in the years to come.

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