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UK: +44 203 519 2229
USA: +1 650 252 0002
Sweden: +46 852 500 200
Turkey: +90 212 705 5468
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ORB moves to the Shard

ORB moves to the Shard

This may come as a surprise to many but despite being an international corporation with multiple offices around the world (Canada, US, China, Japan, Turkey, Iran, UAE and UK). Our head office in the UK has long been housed in the humble abode of Tottenham. Mostly since much of the UK operation has been administrative. However, after much deliberation, we have discussed the merits of having a strong presence on our home ground here in the UK and we have decided to relocate. The move was not easy, we have searched far and wide for a place we could call home and finally we have found the ideal place. Today marks a special day for ORB as we are now officially housed in one of the most prestigious buildings in the world, the Shard.

The Shard is a 95-story skyscraper in London Bridge that stands 301.6m tall and it is the tallest building in the EU. We are incredibly proud to announce our relocation to the 24th floor of this incredible building and we hope to do its prestige justice. From here, we plan to orchestrate our future adventures, shaking hands with top executives from around the world and let our wildest dreams come true.

For more information please refer to, the Shard.

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