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ORB microwave radiotherapy cancer treatment

ORB microwave radiotherapy cancer treatment

ORB announced today it is expanding its Microwave Radiotherapy Systems  into Central and East Asia under the help and guidance of ORB Healthcare, a division of ORB Group. Microwave Radiotherapy is a type of cancer treatment in which tumors are exposed to elevated body temperatures between 40°C and 45°C. Research has shown that these high ‘fever temperatures’ can damage and kill cancer cells with little to no impact on normal tissues. SinceMicrowave Radiotherapy increases blood flow, the result is increased oxygen levels in tumor cells, making them more sensitive to radiation.Microwave Radiotherapy has been a vital tool in the fight against cancer and higher clinical response is achieved when hyperthermia is combined with radiotherapy and chemotherapy.


ORB has been active about Microwave Radiotherapy products in several markets across Europe and Asia, including Turkey, UAE and UK.


“We are very pleased to have ORB. Their five million dollar investment demonstrates their commitment to fighting cancer around the world.” says Mark Falkowski, Former Vice President GE. “ORB is a rapidly rising star in the healthcare industry and we look forward to their expertise in these new markets”.


“We have experience in the Microwave Radiotherapy marketplace and were looking for a more progressive partner who would help take this beneficial therapy to new heights”, says Nima Golsharifi, CEO of ORB.


ORB plans to work closely with government officials, hospitals, private clinics and a range of oncologists and physicians in order to expand the positive impact of Microwave Radiotherapy.

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