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ORB launches project ORBEV (Electric Vehicle)

ORB launches project ORBEV (Electric Vehicle)

Ever since its foundation, ORB has been a passionate advocate for a greener world and have been longing to partake in the global conservation efforts. Today we are pleased to announce that, that day has finally come, ORB has now launched its latest green energy project, ORBEV (Electric Vehicles), an all British battery-powered electric vehicle that will be designed in collaboration with AMETEK with the most powerful car motor to date on board in collaboration with FUKUTA.

It is not just any average vehicle, but we aim to make a high-performance Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) that will incorporate AI in collaboration with NVIDEA and holo-touch systems in collaboration with MUSION. In recent years the green energy movement has brought about troves of advancements in electric vehicle technology. However, much of these efforts are directed at high-end sports cars and small hatchbacks. Leaving one of the least ecologically friendly cars, SUVs untended. We have therefore decided that by providing an alternative vehicle that could match or even best the current petrol-based SUVs we would be able to promote drivers to switch to a greener alternative.

Two major barriers to the adoption of electric vehicles are long charging times and the need to recharge frequently. In order to overcome these bottlenecks, the ORB SUV is intended to have driving range of 800 miles where the battery technology will be developed in collaboration with BOSCH Engineering and the 1 to 4 mins for full charge will be possible by adopting the 400 kW @ 700 DC flash charge possibility developed by ABB.

Although it is still in its early stages our team is excited by its potential and are itching to bring this idea to life.


For more information please refer to, ORBEV.

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