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Incubator Services

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Service offering the core of engagement

ORB Incubator services and programs are designed to increase a client's likelihood of successful development and growth beyond what the client company could achieve on its own. Offering value-added services is key to the incubator's ability to successfully spinout graduates into the community and generate jobs and wealth in the area.

ORB Incubator offerings are divided into four categories:

Facility-based services
Direct business development assistance
Professional network and relationship support
Educational programs

We expect that upon completing our incubation program, a startup will have at least a MVP, stable team, and established basic company functions.

It is important to underscore that ORB Incubator works to develop cooperative agreements and referral relationships with existing resource partners throughout EU who provide services that support the growth of early stage nanotechnology businesses. These resource partners include, but are not limited to, economic development agents. Such cooperation will avoid redundancy and redirect valuable time/resources toward services that address specialised and unmet needs of incubator clients.

Incubator clients would have access to all core programs and services as part of their monthly lease agreement. Per unit service fees would be required for additional office services and special programs that may require client support fees.

Facility-Based Services

Facility-based services involve flexible leases and other site-based services and our technical team assistance that are included in the basic rental package. Fee-for-service administrative support is also envisioned.

Labs/Cleanroom and Systems

ORB Incubator tannest will have access to laboratories, cleanroom and systems available on a discounted rate per hour access.


ORB Incubator tannest are able to use the incubator personnel in total of 100 hours per month. The extra usage will be charged on per hour basis.



ORB Incubator tannest are able to use both self-service and service restaurant facility at the incubator and vending machines distributed across the building. ORB Incubator is facilitated with swimming pool and gym facility. The Nursery at the building could service members and guests at the incubator.


The ORB Incubator provides access to office space that includes telephone, local area network, high-speed Internet access, and office furniture. Incubator clients would have access to conference rooms, restrooms and a kitchen/lounge. Security, janitorial, landscaping, and parking would be included in the rent.


ORB Incubator rents would be offered at the low-end of market for comparable space initially and would escalate on a planned schedule. Escalating rental rates are intended to foster client orientation toward growth and graduation at a predetermined point in time.

Shared Office Systems Support

ORB Incubator tenants would have access to a common copier, fax, and postage metre, and be billed a usage charge only. This incubator provide central reception and switchboard and also provide secretarial support for client requests.

Professional Network and Relationship Support

Networking and relationship support describes the active role an incubator takes to develop connections to resources that incubator clients might not otherwise have access to as small, emerging businesses.


The incubator's executives appoint member(s) of technical teams, mentors and business counsellors for client companies. Selection will be based on the client's industry sector and stage of development. The executives meet with mentors on a routine basis to stay abreast of the company's development and suggest resources that would help the mentor best serve the client business. Feedback mechanisms in place ensures the mentorship is providing good value to the client.

Professional Network

The incubator should develop a broad-based pool of high-quality professionals that have the technical and business skills needed to support client businesses. Services for such a network would be negotiated on a pro bono or reduced fee basis with guidelines for qualifications and level of service provided. The incubator would screen service providers, facilitate the interaction between the service provider and the client, and establish means to assess client progress and satisfaction.

Advisory Board

ORB incubator also develops pools of professionals, technologists, and business owners that are willing to volunteer as advisory board members for client businesses. Advisory board composed of professionals who have experience and expertise in the technology/industry of the incubator business. The advisory board or their representatives agree to meet with incubator clients on a regular schedule and provide counsel at various stages of the client businesses' development. The incubator would screen board members, meet with them to monitor client progress, and establish means to assess client satisfaction.

Capital and Financing Network

The incubator establish and maintain relationships with a network of banks, angel investors, venture capitalists, and corporate equity investors through capital networks, brokers, and personal contacts.

Program Referral Service

The incubator maintain up-to-date knowledge of and relationships with established resources and programs in the area and provide referrals and information to incubator clients.

Intern Network

Interns at the EU, and other area educational institutions provide a talented, affordable work pool to support incubator and incubator client special projects on an ad hoc or ongoing basis. Areas of particular use to incubator clients include, but are not limited to, graduate level technology, law school/Legal Clinic, Business School/Entrepreneurship Centre, and Journalism/Communications. The incubator should identify internship directors and establish a process that provides clients with the means to identify, screen, and recruit interns.

Educational Programs

Educational programs include hosted, on-site seminars of interest to technology start-ups and incubator clients. This plan envisions that general business topics may be provided through the excellent resources of ORB Incubator or other available community resources. The incubator conference theatre would be used for on-site educational offerings and available for other educational offerings that are consistent with the incubator's mission if practical.

Hot Topic Seminars

Seminars emphasising topics of special interest to emerging technology businesses would be provided on a regular basis. ORB incubator host such seminars on a monthly basis. The Incubator's team would identify topics based on an understanding of incubator client needs and invite guest speakers with expertise in the topic area.

Business Topics Trainings

The ORB incubator works with ORB Group to provide incubator clients with access to the range of general business-related topics that are applicable to any start-up operation including financial, legal, organisational, marketing, insurance, etc. Depending on client demand these offerings could be provided on-site at the incubator.

Commercialisation/Licensing Seminars

The incubator host an semi-annual educational seminar for area technologists to inform them about the challenges and rewards of technology commercialisation, the processes and costs associated with licensing technologies, and area resources available to support those technology commercialisation efforts. The seminars would bring technologists, entrepreneurs and universities together and could be a tool for marketing the incubator to potential clients. A small panel of area experts would be invited to speak.

Resource Library

The ORB Incubator build and maintain up-to-date information resources for technology start-ups including resource directories, business form templates, and checklists.

Direct Business Development Assistance

Business and technical development assistance is the direct support provided to clients from the time of acceptance through graduation. The incubator's Executives and technical team provide oversight and facilitate access to resources that meet client needs as those needs arise over the course of their incubation.

Business Assessment

This is the ongoing process of evaluating client business plans, identifying areas of need, developing a work plan to address those needs including identifying expertise and services needed forward, and timeframes for major tasks to be completed. The initial assessment would occur upon acceptance to the incubator and follow on a monthly basis or as business issues dictate. The final assessment would be a graduation transition plan that links the young company to appropriate resources in the community.

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