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Oil, Gas & Metals

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We combine experiences & commodities to trade!

The global demand for chemicals produced from natural gas, petroleum, coal or biomass is challenging operators to seek more efficient processing solutions. ORB’s best-in-class experience meet these needs, delivering high-quality intermediate and specialty chemicals at a lower cost and reduced environmental impact.


Manufacturing of directional drilling solutions (one of few companies around the world)

Drilling production

Construction of Biogas refineries

Manufacturing of wellhead equipment, gate valves and flanges

Provider of strategic solutions and consultations for onshore and offshore Exploration & Production, Upstream services

LPG and petrochemicals trading

Exclusive representative of China Petroleum in Middle-East

Trade of Copper and Mercury

If you want to break boundaries with your business, working with us is an excellent start.

We source, store and blend oil, petroleum and metal products and transport them around the globe to meet specific customer needs. We do business by investing in innovation and entrepreneurial endeavour, powering economic progress and working in partnership for energy sustainability.

Trading is the engine of our energy and metal trading business, – in many different physical forms – is the resource we trade the most. In fact, almost all of the ORB Group’s commodity activities are driven by success – from sourcing, to shipping, to storage. More than simply a thread linking every

aspect of what we do, commodity is the conduit through which we design, engineer, receive and share ORB’s market information, maintain the balance and flow of our liquidity, and forge lasting, rewarding relationships with customers all over the world.

We take pride in our ability to take on difficult, complex projects and deliver effective solutions quickly and transparently. Because our partnership model is based on collective responsibility, we are careful to assess risk exposure on the ground, in local markets – where we can see the real relationship between cause and effect. We never base decisions solely on theoretical modelling or mathematical abstractions.

With the high market demand for olefins products, such as ethylene and propylene, producers are pressured to maximize the value of their feedstocks and deliver on- time, high-quality products. orb’s olefins technologies provide flexible solutions for low capital, high efficiency product recovery.

What we do


ORB manufactures and supplies the world’s most advanced and reliable MWD/ LWD, vibration management and drilling systems for customers of all sizes.


ORB has been transferring its process knowledge and mechanical expertise to equipment destined to Oil & Gas applications.


ORB is a participant in global gas and petrochemical markets and they are the largest part of ORB’s total energy portfolio. We facilitate and procure needs for management, design, engineering, financing and execution of oil and gas pipelines, petrochemical plants and much more.

Where we do it


ORB trades gas and petroleum products and metals globally. We have a presence and on-the-ground expertise in key regions where gas is produced, traded, stored and supplied to customers, particularly in the Middle East.


We have local offices in Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East. Having a presence on the ground is key to our approach in order to gather information as it happens and share that information quickly and efficiently.

How we do it


Our global presence provides us with competitive advantage, flexibility, speed and logistics expertise that our customers need and expect.

Our extensive links with major producers and refiners means we are able to work with existing and new crude oil streams. We also help our customers manage their physical requirements with an overall commitment to the development of long term relationships that benefit all parties.

Overall, we lift crude oil and petrochemical products from all the key producers and sell to every refining company in the world, wherever they are located.

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