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Nuclear Diamond Cells (NDC)

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Nuclear Diamond Cells (NDC)
Nuclear Diamond Cell (NDC) is a propriety green and clean, long-lasting battery solution that is made from recycled nuclear waste. This project is spearheaded by one of ORB Incubator's start-ups, ORB EV. This system recycles radioactive waste from nuclear power plants by converting its toxic waste into safe tamper-proof diamond battery cell that both seals and converts the radiation into electricity. Despite it being an emerging technology NDC is seen as a promising green energy solution that offers nuclear waste removal as well as clean energy effectively killing two birds in one stone. It is predicted to offer a multitude of use both in low energy and high energy application such as pacemakers, watches and smoke alarm batteries for low energy and electric vehicles for high energy.
In the immediate future, ORB EV is working towards the integration of NDC into the battery-supercapacitor (ACNOS/PANi/Graphene) complex that will power electric vehicles. Most notably, due to the use of nuclear technology the NDC is expected to only half in power even after 5730 years. By utilising the above, ORB is hoping to provide a life-long green and safe energy solution as well as provide a nuclear waste solution in the process.
Redacted for patent process by Marks & Clerk, further details to be disclosed upon patent approval
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