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CEO Statement

ORB imagines things that others don’t. We believe in our abilities and build products and develop solutions that others are unable to deliver. By being part of the global community and playing our role by bringing together the physical and digital technologies; we provide easier and greater access to technologies around the world. ORB invests its resources and knowledge to invent the next industrial and service era to revolutionise and cure the world.

Nima Golsharifi, CEO

We are building a valuable business which has a goal to lead in different sectors including energy, healthcare, oil and gas and transportation. The leadership in these infrastructures requires the breadth and depth. This wouldn’t be achievable without diversity of resources, availability of experiences, knowledge and most importantly a very high level of investment. We estimate that ORB will invest more than $1 trillion in these infrastructures by 2035.


First we try to find global problems and then we solve them. We solve them by innovating at scale or partnering with other potential innovators. We make sure that the products we lunch or the services we provide generates revenue or unexceptional benefit over their life both for the ORB and the customers.

We always monitor the markets deeply with our deep domain expertise to reduce the technical risks and when required we employ new business models to improve and succeed when more technology is demanded; this enables us to provide customers more flexibility and in turn building a customer trust. We are aware that there is constant motion in the markets where we are present and achieving the leadership of these markets always required and requires a very close relationship with the customers, universities and other industries. Since I founded and became the CEO of the ORB Group, I have seen the cycles. We experience strong headwinds but in subsequent years we made operational improvements and broadened our reach. We invested and today our business is bigger and stronger.

We invest to invent, cure

and in turn provide

greater access to a better world

The oil industry after the 40% drop in the price of oil is in turmoil. But we believe this is an opportunity for us; as the population grows it will create more demand over time and the oil price will recover. ORB plans to provide solutions, be a helpful and close partner with its current customers and warmly welcomes new technologies, ideas and customers in all sectors of our current and future activities.

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