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Intelligent connectivity

& security

To help customers build the best networks and secure themselves in today’s complex IT environment, we are focused on delivering strategies, architectures and technologies that enable customers to deploy the best networks in the world.


Security solutions and softwares (OrbVPN)

Business VOIP solution services (OrbVoice)

Language learning solutions for iOS (Orb Lingua)

Private hosting & cloud solutions

Private streaming solutions

Software development for financial institutions

ORB provides IT and Network solutions and has a proven record in supplying efficient, effective and reliable IT Infrastructure, support and software to both businesses and private users. ORB Security solutions and specifically virtual private networks are one of the leading solutions for secure web browsing.

Our staff is both qualified, academically and by hands on experience. They include former service company field management and operation staff from U.S., Europe and Asia, with links from outstanding and well known energy schools. Highly experienced specialist sub-contractors carry out most of our services.


Over the years we have earned an excellent reputation for high quality consultation, studying and partnership solutions. Our designing, developing and analysing services in the energy industry with exceptional customer service has built trust with our customers, who rely on our work ethic and products. They know that our work reliability and excellence is our bond.


At OrbVPN, it is our mission is to provide secure and private Internet access to anyone, anywhere. To do so, we are pushing the boundaries to develop the next generation of innovative cybersecurity solutions.


With quick and simple set up, our Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) architecture and comprehensive management platform ensure your entire organization can securely access networks and applications, data centers, SaaS apps and the entire Internet.


OrbVPN’s single-click apps, Automatic Wi-Fi Security and easy-to-use cloud management portal allow businesses to provide employees, whether they’re abroad or on-the-go or at the site, with secure Internet access to your business’ most valuable resources.

Network Solutions


ORB understands the IT network business and IT issues facing organizations, companies and data centres. Therefore, we provide solutions to address these IT network issues.


Our network infrastructure solution helps service providers foster service model innovation and lowers network operating costs.


Government relies on trusted networks for communication between departments, agencies, politicians, and citizens. We are radically changing the face of public services through innovation and operational cost reduction solutions to create The New Public Sector Network.

Hosting, IPTV & CDN


Today, there is a strong shift towards Over-The-Top (OTT) services, meaning live media delivery using public internet infrastructure, rather than dedicated or managed networks. At the same time, there is also demand for TV channels to service ethnic groups beyond the usual area of content distribution.


Our IPTV solutions are streamlined and cost-effective, which allows for creating attractive business models by serving smaller local audiences with specific offers, as well as larger audiences distributed around the world.


ORB provides Dedicated & Cloud server solutions that fulfill the end-user requirements using our across- the-globe infrastructure.

Security Solution


ORB cares deeply about customer service and efficiently manages multiple servers around the world and dynamic IP’s. We provide personal privacy and data security services to tens of thousands of people all over the world.
ORB incorporates its own security software with high- end encryption levels and algorithms to secure the networks and web surfing experience and to provide the most intelligent security solutions.


By developing cross-platform security software, we are proud to announce ourselves as one of the leading end-user Remote Security and Privacy Protection Solution providers that is always looking to challenge and update its platforms.

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