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Incubator Mission & Benefits

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Our Mission innovation, creativity & opportunities

ORB incubator's mission is to increase the successful development of emerging businesses in sectors that are supported by a region's unique areas of opportunity. Ideally, businesses that graduate from an incubator move out into the community or being dissolved in one of the ORB Group's departments and contribute to the overall vitality, diversity, and growth of the area economy.


ORB Incubator provide environments that allow a region to take an active role in ``growing their own`` businesses that will lead to job creation. These new businesses and the new jobs they produce create wealth - through multiplier effects and new tax generation - that ultimately benefits the community beyond the individuals directly employed by incubator businesses and graduates.

This building’s innovative program gives business and technology clients, opportunities to collaborate and to benefit from each other’s unique perspectives.

The ORB incubator would serve as a hub for nanotechnology start-ups and would actively identify and provide for the value-added services required to support incubator clients' success. Preliminary objectives that provide measurable outputs and outcomes to support the incubator's mission include the following:

  • Create new job opportunities for area residents

  • Create higher wage jobs

  • Better leverage intellectual property from the University and area research institutes

  • Contribute to the growth and success of emerging technology businesses

  • Generate new tax revenues

  • Return on investment for investors

Our mission is to stimulate the establishment and growth of nanotechnology-based start-up companies and to increase the number of successful companies originating and developing in the area. We help emerging companies gain access to mentors, training, shared space, state of art systems, professional assistance, capital, and other services that will move them onto the fast track to success. By fulfilling our mission, we contribute to job creation and enhanced economic health in the region.

Benefits to Stakeholders

If successful, the incubator would benefit a wide range of stakeholders in European Union and beyond. Key stakeholders include incubated companies and their employees, the investors, the community at large, organisations and government sectors and area educational institutions. Major benefits expected to accrue to each of these stakeholder groups are summarised below.

Benefits to Incubated companies

Companies that are accepted into incubators enjoy dramatically improved success rates as their business enterprises are nurtured through early development years. Specific benefits include:

  • Reduced Barriers to Entry

    The incubator environment would provide an “easy start” for emerging companies by offering affordable office space, access to shared equipment, meeting facilities, and on-site business and technical assistance. This lowers the overhead and operating costs during critical formative years.

  • Networking and Mentoring

    The incubator would facilitate a “know-how” network to address incubator companies’ unique needs for partnerships, suppliers, and/or potential sources of capital.

  • Increased Visibility and Stature

    The incubator would significantly increase visibility and presence of tenant companies in the marketplace and advance their success potential. Admission to the incubator would imply an endorsement that enhances new companies’ statures and increase their chances to secure funding.

  • Use of our laboratories and human resources

    The incubator will provide both the required equipment and human resources required for the start-ups to conduct their operations, which will dramatically reduce the costs that a new start-up will be subject to.

Benefits to investors

Investors who will invest into ORB incubators enjoy dramatically higher ROI and less risk and they will benefit from tax relief strategies through early development years. Specific benefits include:

  • Higher Success, Higher Reward

    Since investors benefiting from equities of each 80 different startups once they invest, alongside the collateral and the grow over the assets, they already have x80 higher chance of success and thus reward compared to investment into a single start-up. By investment in ORB incubator the investors simply benefit from investment risk distribution.

  • Investment in Collateral

    As investment in ORB Incubator will be mainly towards collaterals and the operation cost will be covered by the tenants and services, the investors will benefit from very low risk.

  • Tax benefits (EIS, SEIS)

    The investors at ORB Incubator will benefit from income tax relief of 30 per cent and no capital gains tax on any profits over their investment. Although There’s no inheritance tax to pay on shares bought .

  • Create Jobs and Drive the Economy

    Our incubated companies create a lot of new jobs for people in a variety of industries. By getting them off the ground you are helping not only the business owners but also the scientists, programmers, designers and other employees who are needed to make the startup run.

Benefits to UK and European Union

The ORB Incubator complements the mission of educational institutions and will efficiently leverage existing initiatives. Benefits include:

  • Expanded Outreach

    The ORB Incubator can extend its service base by serving incubator clients through educational seminars, training classes and counselling. Additionally, the Network of ORB Group is currently working to gain special designation as “Technology Development” centres. This will extend BDC services to provide more focused assistance to technology-based businesses.

  • Enhanced Image

    Championing the incubator will provide tangible evidence to the community of how the UK and EU’s educational and research missions fuel EU’s economic health.

  • Improved Structure for Technology Transfer

    The incubator helps fill a void in the entrepreneurial development eco-system in EU. Research and licensing activity for Technology Transfer (TT) from the EU has grown notably over the past years. The business incubator would create an environment where appropriate TT licensees could develop in the early years and enjoy enhanced success associated with business incubation. In turn, their success leads to increased licensing revenues to the EU.

  • Raise Awareness

    The incubator by holding different internship programs and hosting seminars and exhibitions will raise awareness.

Benefits to community

The overarching benefit to the community is increased economic health and vitality. Specific benefits include:

  • Job Creation

    Incubator companies would create new employment for area residents. Nanotechnology companies typically create higher wage and higher skill jobs.

  • Enhanced Image

    A business incubator is one important element to enhance UK and EU’s image as a progressive, future-thinking place that encourages and supports technology business development.

  • Increased Entrepreneurialism

    A business incubator can create awareness of entrepreneurs and stimulates confidence among individuals to consider opportunities for business creation.

  • Business Development

    Established area businesses, especially those that develop relationships with early-stage companies, create long-term business opportunities as incubator companies grow and expand.

  • Increased Tax Revenue

    New jobs and new businesses in the incubator and those businesses that graduate from the incubator and spin-out into the community would generate a larger, more diverse tax base to support public services and contribute to many facets of community liveability and health. Technology is seen as a clean industry with growth potential that aligns well with the Europe’s economic development platform.

Organisational Structure

ORB Incubator has a private, for profit structure in United Kingdom. This structure provides the greatest flexibility for incubator operations and positions it to be able to adapt to changing market dynamics and needs into the future. This structure also allows for access to private and public funding, venture capitals, angel investments and private donations that are frequently required for the start-up and early years of operation of a new incubator.

The ORB incubator act as individual legal entity having support of ORB Group and acting as incubator of the business where the human resources, network and technical abilities at ORB Group could be shared with the incubator.

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