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About ORB Group

Enabling greater access to medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, consumer packaged goods, raw materials, advanced manufacturing and the latest technologies are at the heart of our business. We are determined to do our best to use our resources, knowledge and expertise to help improve people’s quality of life no matter where in the world they are.

Committing to this goal is just the beginning. Working towards it while, at the same time, building a sustainable business based on high technologies holds a significant challenge; nevertheless we remain determined to provide professional and outstanding service to our customers.

ORB Group exists to help meet the power & energy, healthcare & pharmaceutical, IT & Networking and Financial needs of a rapidly changing world. We find, extract, trade, refine, store and transport materials and resources from where supply is abundant to where demand is great. We forge connections; make things happen, and make markets work.

From whiteboard to production line. We stand shoulder to shoulder with those who have a dream.

The breadth and reach of our global network gives us a profound understanding of the intricate interdependencies of the world’s markets. Our status as a private company and our non- hierarchical partnership structure gives us the unique ability to act swiftly, innovatively and decisively.

Our Responsibility

Our business strategy promotes growth and expansion in a responsible and sustainable manner. We always seek to ensure that our activities make a positive contribution to the lives of those affected by our operations.

Our Vision

ORB continues to diversify into new commodities, markets and segments. We are also investing in strategic assets, such as energy, medicine, fintech and acquisitions to complement our portfolio of activities across the globe.

Our Performance

We have the scale and global reach to profit from physical arbitrage in multiple markets. We source and deliver products that drive the global economy. We act as long-term partners to end-users, manage risk and improve market competitiveness.

Our Values

Client Value Creation






One Global Network






Diversified leadership in Infrastructure and smaller financial services.


The ORB store capability in technology, growth markets, services, lean structure to achieve leadership in Industrial and service solutions


Operational execution, focused on goals, returns and linked to reimbursement.


A team which is united by a culture of simplification.

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