Digital Banking & Financial Services Incorporating AI

ORB Wealth our new EMI, Forex, Wealth Management, and Cryptocurrency chain represents the views and interests of its clients in dialogue with government, public bodies, and customer organizations. Its work will include European initiatives dealing with payments, as well as online security.

Innovation in payments is driven by competition, facilitated by technology, and will usually deliver value to consumers and merchants. In the last few years, the most successful innovations in payments have been those that offer payments in areas that were either unserved or under-served, such as online and mobile commerce, or those that offer access to customers who were previously excluded, or payments within a new business or social interactions. In all cases, products succeed when they bring benefits to every participant in the payment chain.

Automated Accounting & VAT Return

Our Innovation

Enterprises & Universities

A payment solution for personnel and employees which will automatically record their spending receipts via payment using our cards and automatically calculates VAT returns.

Individuals & Professionals

An automated solution for accounting by keeping track of receipts upon payment via our cards and the record of your income and bill payments via the accounts you hold with us.

Our Money & Crypto Services

Mobile and Web

Payment instruments



Money transfers


Comes with our Credit Cards

Travel Pack

Fly with network of private jets

Free unlimited air travel

Stay in network of 4 to 5 star hotels

Free unlimited hotel booking

Global Blue tourism shopping tax refund

Automated overseas tax refund

Airport tax payment upon ticket booking

Automatic airport tax payment

Our Financial Servies

Electronic Money Institution

We will be regulated for electronic money and payment activities, including, forex trading, international payments, card accounts, and mobile internet operating across the EEA.


Treasury & Wealth Management

We will adapt the automation of the corporate treasuries and in-house banks for the purpose of the money flow management: Increase of holding manageability, Control over the cash flow, Current financial situation overview, and Performance improvement are all part of what we do.


Foreign Exchange

We will provide a number of electronic services in the foreign exchange and money transfer Industry and the facility provided by our company will target the most reliability and promptness.


Forex Trading

We will provide an online deal booking solution which will be a full and complete system for FX delivery transactions. It is extremely important to keep a reasonable profit margin under the best possible real-time rates and serve the customers better than anywhere else.